Friday, May 20, 2011

Is the end of the world coming? Are Rightwing Republicans looking forward to it?

I use to think that right wing Christians had no idea what they were asking for when they said they were praying for God to bring the US back to God, as if it had ever been with God or had belonged to God.

I have written on this subject before, knowing that when God brings a people of the old testament back to him, ie the nation of Israel, nation of Judea, God caused the nation to fall into disarray, attacked and taken into captivity attempting to bring them back to God. So when they pray for God to bring the US to him, they are praying for a catastrophe, for God to punish the people of the US, yet they want their easy chairs through it. I use to think they were not thinking about this aspect.

Lately I have been thinking about this and now wonder if they don't realize this, as they are pushing the republican party and it's agenda which if continues will cause such a catastrophe to our economic system and the fall of our country as it is and we know it. The republicans have been pushing limitations to our citizens civil rights, and now we have one running for president that would like to change the US from the democratic/Republic we have to the old Confederacy. The right of corporations to treat people as they wish, within not serving blacks and moving to segregate schools between the races.

The Bible gives several clues to the end time and when God will say enough is enough. Wars, earthquakes, weather disasters, droughts, food shortages, as bad as during the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.

A little memory help on what happened just before God destroyed those two cities, Lot lived in one of them, he sat at the gate and offered travelers a place of sanctuary for the night. This time when he did this the city came against him and attempted to brake in and take the travelers, and do terrible things to them, but they blinded the people at the door and took Lot and his family out of the city. Anarchy had set in, along with sexual depravity.

Openly taking and raping those that came through the town, whether man/woman or beast. It wasn't as much the act of Homosexuality as it was the depravity that went on besides that, although I do believe it played a part.

Politicians have already shown that they don't have any moral conscience where sexual depravity is concerned. We read almost every day that another member of congress, or state governor or world leader getting caught in the act or it comes out they have been involved with someone outside of their marriage, many times of the same sex. Even those claiming moral ground in attacks on those within an openly gay life style, yet secretly having a gay or adulteress relationship of their own.

Those in control of the Republican party are from the Christian right, and I believe they realize what has to happen yet to bring on the second coming of Christ, and they are doing what they think will cause it, although they may have under estimated how bad it has to get, hoping that a little worse would bring on the end. What they may or may not realize is how back it could become if they are successful in bring down the US. What the changed country in anarchy would be like and that it would have to continue to get worse, much worse to meet the requirements of biblical prophesy. Rape and pillaging of area's by crazy home grown militias and criminal groups. That could bring our country to the point here that it would be as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah. Wars and sexual depravity set in. But that would be just here, other countries we border would close those borders and treat us as we treat others now.

But could our economic collapse cause total anarchy worldwide? Possibly. We have been the country with the power to police the world, and without our stability, both militarily and economically, all havoc could break out all over the world if our system were to collapse completely. It could be that closely tied together, to create a world that would fall totally apart.

And in the minds of the right wing Christian extremest, that could or would cause God to say enough is enough. Kind a like the Judas factor, he wanted Jesus to impose his authority and take control then, we have those hoping to force Gods hands today. This explains to me why they are doing what they are. Attempting to cause our country to collapse and rush in the second coming.

Now on another issue I see. I believe that many on the right within leadership if not all will find themselves on the left side of God, and God said he will reject those on the left. Mans right is God's left. Man's wisdom is foolishness to to God, so I could see our right being God's left. They will find they have been doing Satan's business, not God's. They are standing looking at god thinking they are on the right side, which they are on their right, but that ends up being the left side of God's.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Death & Resurrection Of Jesus

Does it matter what we teach about the death of our savior? Does it matter when we celebrate the aspect of his death? Do prophesies matter when it comes to what is said about how we will know it is our Savior?

The answer to the above questions are yes, no , and yes.

What does Jon 1:17 “Now the LORD had arranged for a great fish to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was inside the fish for three days and three nights.” have to do with Christ? A lot!

Mat 12:40 Jesus said, “For as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for three days and three nights, so will the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights.”

Have you ever thought about how this could be if Jesus died on Friday and was put in the tomb as the NLT says, Luk 23:54-54 This was done late on Friday afternoon, the day of preparation, as the Sabbath was about to begin. As His body was taken away, the women from Galilee followed and saw the tomb where His body was placed. (NLT)

The key is that the area of verse 54 where I placed in bold print, was added/changed to make it more understandable according to tradition. Tradition is not always fact.

As if this is or was factually true, Jesus could not be the one he spoke of in Matthew12:40.

What most forget when translating this to Friday from the day before the sabbath or Preparation Day, is that it was passover week. During that week there would have been two Sabbaths. The first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread was a High/Sabbath Day which was celebrated by the Jews. That High Sabbath would of fell on Thursday that week, not on Saturday the weekly Sabbath.

The NIV puts it, Luk 23:54 It was Preparation Day, and the Sabbath was about to begin. Infuses(Bold) is mine. There is always a Preparation Day before any Holy Day, and all the Feasts start and end with a High/Sabbath Day. Or in some cases, as Pentecost, The Feast of Trumpets and Atonement were only one day observances and were High/Sabbath Day no matter what day it fell on.

If Jesus was the the replacement passover, which he claimed to be, the passover lamb was offered yearly on the passover for the sins of the people, and annual event. He would have been put to death about the same time, the lambs would have been slaughtered for the passover offering on Wednesday and would have had to be taken down and buried before the High Day of the Feast which would have been Thursday. Placed in the tomb before sundown on Wednesday, and been in the grave Wednesday night(1night), Thursday(1day), Thursday night(2nights), Friday day(2days), Friday night(3nights), Saturday day(3days). 3 days and 3 nights fulfilling Matt 12:40. Jesus would have been resurrected just before night fall/sundown Saturday night, and so the tomb would have been empty when the women came the next morning.

The Lord's supper was the 'Night to be much Observed' when Israel remember that the Death Angle passed over their houses in Egypt to kill the first born of Egypt. That day was the time of preparing for the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Remember their day's starting at sundown, and the High Feast holy day would not start until the next night at sundown. Jesus had to be taken from the cross, before sundown and the sabbath started. So That week, Thursday would have been a High/Sabbath Holy Day, and Friday would have been just a regular day with in the feast. There also wouldn't be a need to prepare for the Sabbath Seventh day, as there had been a Sabbath/Holy Day on Thursday and they would of clean their homes before it completely to remove all leavening from it in preparation of the Feast. Wednesday being that day of preparation.

Mat 27:62 Now the next day, that followed the day of the preparation, the chief priests and Pharisees came together unto Pilate, (KJV) This would not likely be correct, as they would never of went to Pilate on the Sabbath day which would have been the day following but if they went to Pilate on Friday between the two Sabbath's , after the feast holy day, would be more likely.

Realize that the tomb didn't have to be open for Jesus to be resurrected, but it had to be open the next morning for those that saw it was empty to see in it. So he probably was resurrected just at sundown Saturday evening. As he said only 3 nights not 4 in the grave.

It is very clear on the fact that it was the first day of the week which is Sunday, the day following the seventh day of the week, which the women came to the tomb and found it empty, and Peter with several others went to investigate following. True to their lack of faith, they thought someone had taken the body. The Pharisees thought and promoted the same thing, that his followers had stolen his body, which couldn't of happened as the tomb was being guarded by Roman Soldiers.

Good Friday is just a representation, the day we celebrate and remember the death of Christ. It is not the day he was put to death. And Easter Sunday is not the time of his resurrection, but the day we celebrate for his resurrection. We have to be careful how we teach this, as many unbelievers no the Bible as good and sometimes better than many of us, and will use the above scripture to disprove what we believe and celebrate.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Liberal Democrats just don't get it.

As I watch liberals coming out in support of Obama re-election in 2012, they don't get it. They don't listen or pay any attention. They think that Obama has to win at any cost. That people that supported him in the the 2007 election will have to support him in 2012. They believe that we have no choice but to support him. That a republican win would be so much worse that we will in the end vote for him.

I'm not sure that is so. We haven't seen much even with what has been passed that is much different from what we would have had with the republicans in charge. What the Republicans don't tell you is that the health care bill for the most part is one they designed but then refused to support or vote for.

What I feel is that many progressives and independents realize that we are going to have to allow it to get worse under the Republicans before anyone really listens to us and actually does what we have hoped for.

But no matter what, when Obama loses, the left will blame everyone but themselves, which if they had listened they wouldn't be in the mess in 2012. I don't believe Obama can win, with the economy and jobs going like it is, and I don't see those area's changing much in the next 2 years. Almost anyone would have the same chance of becoming president as Obama has to get re-elected. Republican challenger has a little better chance of winning just because of what is going on in the media today.

I had hoped to see someone come out strong against Obama in the primary/caucus season, and take it away from him. But I have my doubts that will happen, as the base of the democratic party will stand with Obama no matter what others say to them. If Obama's numbers start dropping over the next few months, as I expect them to do because of the problems we have do to the republicans, that he will get the blame for, we still have a chance to see someone else come in and run.

But even if Obama runs, I hope people that have decided to not vote, will go vote instead of staying home, but voting third party in protest.

I don't believe it really matters who is president, as the people running are part of the problem and don't have the public at heart in why they run. They are part of the big money political machines that will do what is best for those at the top no matter which side it is.

So if you are a disenchanted republican or democrat, vote a third party whither it is for a conservative third party or a liberal third party.

But go vote. Don't stay home.

Just my rambling, thoughts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where does it leave Obama for 2012?

I have been watching my Facebook friends many of them are part of the Liberal Base of the Democratic Party. They still love Obama and see no way that he will not run for a second term. They see no way of him losing the election for a second term.

But are they looking at the hole picture? Where do the progressives stand in the 2012 election? Do they continue to support Obama even though he doesn't seem to support them in progressive issues?

Where does Obama stand with moderates in his party? How about his grassroots that helped make him president? What about independents?

Polls say he can win right now, his polls numbers are up. His polls have went up after the Arizona shooting and his speech at the memorial. But will that carry over to the actual polls in November 2012?

My prediction is no. As the economy continues to get worse over the next year (my prediction) and the real unemployment factor continues to grow, no amount of News Networks attempting to say it is getting better will help convince those who continue losing their homes or are not able to find work will out way the propaganda given out by the rich from either. The latest News that Green Energy company moving to China, and even more job loses in the US figure into this trend.

Along with the fact that many think the general public are stupid and don't pay any attention, that most of those bills Obama and many Democrats tout that are great achievements of his administration are not at all what they should be! They don't do much of what they were suppose too. Because they were blocked by Republicans and had to be slimmed down to get the few moderate republicans support to get them through congress without having the Republicans filibustering them. So they are not the achievements they would have us believe.

But over the last year, Obama has been alienating his progressive support, and many of them are calling on supporters to not support him for his re-election bid. I for one agree with this. Obama has lost a large portion of his grassroots support that got him elected as well as much of his independent support that he had. Can he regain that base?

I don't think so, I believe many of those that were added to the registration lists, that had never voted before will again return to the group of stay homes that don't vote because of a basic mistrust of politicians in general. Obama once gave them hope when he said he would rather be a one term great president than a two term president. But his compromises killed that idea in the general public’s opinion. The sad part is if he had held to that, it would of gotten him to a second term. People want to see real change not more of the same, which is what Obama has given us. He has lost his mantel of “Change” that he ran on.

The other aspect is, that his supporters are hoping for, is that those in the middle that are upset with Obama, will see the Republicans more scary then the idea of Obama's second term! And it is true that an Obama second term is not at all scary, and those coming out in politics on the Republican/Tea Party side are truly scary. But people have become so disillusioned with politics and politicians that they have lost interest, and really don't care.

I as a moderate Democrat, I will not support Obama in his bid for re-election for president, and hope that others that have decide it doesn't matter one way or the other, to again care about their vote. So if you don't think it matters, I challenge you to go vote anyway, but to vote third party in protest. If you think staying home doesn't matter go vote third party and at least your vote will count for something and you will have at least taken part in our form of government. It will speak/say more than not voting at all.

Just one mans thoughts on the 2012 election.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Being A Christian

Much of the time, I have people who are not Christian or anti-religion ask me why we clam to love but show so much hate. They see us teaching about sin as teaching hate.

Setting in church today made me think about what the advent candles means are. first Sunday of Advent represents "Hope", second week represents "Piece", third week represents "Joy" and the forth week "love".

Hope represents the hope we have for the world, to come to our Lord and Savior. Hope for people to come to repentance and moving to change their lives controlled by sin to a life in Christ working in them to over come sin.

Piece represents what we find when we come to know our Lord and Savior. It represents what one can find through a relationship with God through his son Jesus.

Joy is for all those that have come to Christ and are part of his body, sharing what they have found in Christ.

Love is what one finds and feels as part of the body of Christ, and why we share Jesus with those that come and ask us why? or what? or How?

But there is a fifth white candle in the middle, that is lite on Christmas Eve service, which represents Christ him self as he was pure, without sin, and is why he was able to pay the price for our sins with his death.

But the journey isn't always easy, and sometimes we have to learn that we are sinning, and what we need to change in our life. It isn't hate to teach someone what sin is, it is out of love we teach, as God wants a relationship but our sins separate us from him. We need to know what it is we need forgiveness for.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Workers Together

Our adult Sunday school lesson ended today with this statement, “We are to be “workers together” with Christ, rebuilding lives, relationships, values, and communities.”

When the Bible/God talks to people in the old testament, who is He talking to? Israel or those that were following him at the time, Noah, Abraham, and on, until the the people of Israel became a nation in the promise land. God was always talking to his people, and by through his prophets many times to nations around his people. But he was not telling the world as a hole how to live, he was wanting the world to learn from seeing his people following him.

In the new testament God spoke to his disciples and made it hard or impossible for those not called to follow him to understand. So when he speaks, he is speaking to his people, either of old or now under the new covenant which was made and sealed by Christ's blood on the cross. So when we read the Word of God it is to us, not to those that are not following him.

When God started out with Israel, he gave Israel mandates, laws, ordinances, and commandments. He did this for us today to learn from. He showed us that we can not solve the problems of the world by mandates laws, because the world will always walk away from God and will do what isn't right.

We can say that murder is against God's law but law for who? Israel which God set up with a law, which couldn't and wouldn't follow? You could say that God would want us to mandate laws for society to follow and against such things as murder. And the world does create laws.

But we need to look at those area's we are told, in the statement from our study lesson from today, “rebuilding lives, relationships, values, and communities”. When we do these, we are doing it with people, but they are people coming out of the world and coming to God through Christ, as they will only be able to rebuild their lives with his help. In the process, they learn about the relationship that God wants with them, and they start building that relationship with God, which is a large part of rebuilding their lives. As they learn, we should teach them values, it is within the body of Christ the church, that this is done, not outside in the world, as the world has no desire to follow God.

The last word here needs more look at it. I live in Bloomfield Iowa, is that the community it is talking about? Is the state of Iowa or even the nation of the US the community we need to be considering here? Not at all. The community we relate to here is the Church, the community of believers not the world around us. The statement came from a study of Haggai, and it was related to the nation of Israel which at the time was God's people, not another later nation within the world that considers to be by a large portion of it's population to be a Christian nation which it isn't.

If God wanted a nation, he had one. What he wants is a people from all nations to love him with their hole hearts and to love their neighbor as themselves. His nation is no longer of this world, we are told we are just ambassadors to this world from God's. He doesn't want us to attempt to mandate our morals or beliefs on the world, God should us in Israel of old it wouldn't work already. He wants a people to come to him and willingly obey him.

One of the pet area's my pastor likes to bring up is that abortion is murder and it should be outlawed. I would agree, and in a perfect world lead by God it would be. But the world out there isn't a perfect world and says no. They say no to many things that should be against the law, and are against God's Law! They will always do this even up to the end of this world. Pastor used a verse that says (paraphrased) “that God new you before you were in your mothers womb”. Who did he know? The one he was working with, and many times God worked out protection for those he was going to use, by protecting them from the world that wanted to kill them. Why would the world want to do that, because the supernatural leader of this world is not God himself as yet, but the one God sent here after his attempt to over throw God at his throne, Satan! Satan has worked to prevent God's plan from the beginning, not knowing he was not preventing but furthering it all along.

God through prophets prophesied that the offspring boys of Israel would die, yet he would protect the one who would delivered them from Egypt and out of slavery. Moses should have been put to death, but his mother thought better than to allow him to be killed and placed him in God's hands and God rescued Moses by way of the Pharaohs daughter. Many baby boys died in Israel at the hands of the Pharaohs soldiers.

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, there was a prophesy of the slaying of the children of Bethlehem, and Herod ordered the murder of all boy children under the age of two years old, God used it but also protected the on he was going to us, his own son, by telling Joseph to to flee from there to Egypt. If God was so concerned over the murder of incest children, he could of inspired someone to prevent it or make a law to out law that at that time. God hasn't prevented abortions and will use it as well for his purpose one day.

And another thought, God commanded Joshua to have Israel kill every living thing in one of the cities they were to take. Not even to allow the women or children to live. Put to death all, so women that were pregnant at the time were killed. Children of all ages were killed. No one was allowed to live. And one time, when they were allowed to take spoils of war, he commanded that only the virgins and children under a certain age to be kept, and the rest were to put to death, women and boys over a certain age.

Sure we live in a world during a time that is doing many things that God would dislike, but he hasn't put us here to make them kneel to God's will, but to be an example so they would willingly kneel to God, through His son Jesus Christ.

So our focus within the statement I quoted at the beginning isn't to do this to the world or our worldly community around us, but to do it within the community of God we are a part of, our church body.

Monday, September 07, 2009

So Called Christian Churches that are not.

When you read the title of this blog you mite think of what many believe are cults, such as are listed by many cult watchers. The Mormon(Church of Later day Saints), Jehovah's Witness, Seventh Day Churches of God, any church that preaches another gospel other than that which is preached in the New Testament Church, or orthodox biblical belief.

Many other church fall near this, the Baptist church is one that puts being a member of their church before belief in Gods Son, which is not biblical.

I'm not going to be talking here about any of the above, but a much more serious problem for true Christianity. It is a movement to bring heresy into the church denominations. And I will identify at least three denominations that have moved now from Christianity to heresy's that remove them from a biblically definition of a Christian Church and part of the Body of Christ.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America(ELCA) this summer has joined the Episcopal Church(EC), and The United Church of Christ(UCC) adopted these inclusive policies years ago, allowing openly practicing gays in to the ministry. With the move to open communion with the United Methodist Church(UMC), and the UMC active pacivity towards openly gay clergy coming out of the closet and not removing them from the ministry, which is a violation of their own "Book of Discipline" puts this denomination on the edge of becoming non-Christian. The ELCA, UCC, EC and UMC are no longer Christian organizations/groups. The ministers within these churches that promote the acceptance of Homosexuality have the spirit of the anti-Christ as we as Christians are warned against, in much of the writtings of the New Testament.

They are non-Christian religions. If you find yourself in one of the above, you should consider moving out of them and finding a new Christian Fellowship that looks to the Bible for doctrinal beliefs, as they do no longer see the Bible as their authority. If they did, they would not be moving in the direction they are.

I post this in hopes that many will come to repentance and return to Christ before it is to late. And to warn those looking for a relationship with God through his son, not to be taken in by their lies.

It is my belief that we have moved into the time when Christ said "many are called but few are chosen"(Paraphrased). There are many, like in many of the churches the apostles Paul, Peter, Jude and John wrote to that are falling to the same heresy's. whether it is immorality or legalism, both lead the same place, Hell! Whether it is those that promote immoral sexuality as acceptable or Judaism, they lead the same place.

God will hold those ministers responsible, who do not come out and preach against this heresy. We are told that the harvest is ready but many of them that are ready will be deceived and will not make it. They are considered as God's little ones, and those that allow or look the other way while they are hurt by false doctrine, we are told it would be better that they have a mill stone around their neck and thrown in the depth of the seas, then what waits for them on the day of judgment.

For those that say it doesn't affect us, by saying this it does, as you are not doing your part in correcting the Church. What is done in your name does affect you! You are called to be disciple, not pew setters!

Rev. Charles